Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

​The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research is committed to eliminating challenges to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease. We identify needed research tools with the potential to bolster efforts throughout the field and work with appropriate partners to engineer these tools at a high level of quality. Once we have developed them, we create (or leverage existing) practical distribution channels that remove hurdles to their widespread use by academic and industry researchers.www.michaeljfox.org

Salud Y Compasion Familiar A.C. (SYCF)

Salud Y Compacion Familiar A.C. (Clinic) Located in Mexicali B.C. Mexico is a medical clinic led by Dr. Alfonso Sing to research and treat Parkinson’s patients throughout Mexicali B.C. Mexico and its valley. Free examinations of Parkinson’s and other medical conditions are funded for patients with little or no income on a daily basis. Literature on the awareness and education of Parkinson’s is distributed daily. 

Alianza de Nutricion y Salud (ADNYS)

 Alianza de Nutricion Y Salud, Located in Mexicali B.C. Mexico is a Christian Ministry led by brother Israel Rubio and his wife Angie, that focuses it’s time and effort to helping the least fortunate in their fight against Parkinson’s through awareness, education and nutrition. ADNYS and  Parkinson’s Disease Research and Education Institute have partnered together to provide for families. Our outreaches hand out nutritious food, Parkinson’s awareness and education material on nutrition to hundreds of families every week.

Community Food Program

The 3000 Club, located in Phoenix, AZ distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to needy people in Arizona. PDREI, networks with the 3000 Club, to promote the prevention of Parkinson’s disease and chronic disease through people eating healthy diet that is predominately fruits and vegetables. Thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables are donated to domestic individuals in the Phoenix area. Scientific rerearch concludes that the best diet for preventing Parkinson’s disease is low in fat and high in vegetables and fruits.